Klaim - Music & Audio Design

Head-Banging SynthWave (BGM)

I'm Joël Lamotte, also known online as "Klaim". I'm a music composer and sound designer mainly focused on games and videos. I also have a background in programming which helps with dynamic audio and integration in games.


Last Update: 2019-09-15

Majestic Ocean Ambiance (BGM)

CyberPunk Ambience (BGM)

Warm Teenage Memories (BGM)

Klaim · Warm Room (RIJV game jam)

Action-Packed Metroïdvania (BGM)

Klaim · Layers Of Cool Lasers (Flipside OST)

Weekly Show Jingles

Intro & outro jingles, "code warp" music for CPPWeekly Youtube Channel since 2021

Dark Mega City Vibes (BGM)

Crunchy College (BGM)

Klaim · Crunchy College v3

Tavern Song (BGM)

Epic Battle (BGM)

Ghost Metal Ambiance (BGM)

Klaim · Ghost City - Ghosts In Neotokyo OST (Gamkedo Club)

A Counch, A Coffee and A Cat (BGM)

(this is an improvisation)

Pop Rock Song

Haunted Graveyard (BGM)

Epic Death (BGM)

Becoming Friends (BGM)

When Jazz & Electro Rock Met

Klaim · ElectroJazz - v1 - Work In Progress (structure sketch)

Doom-Like Metal BGM

Klaim · Glacierbound OST (HomeTeam Gamedev)

Emotional Movie

I made the music for this short emotional movie (French)

Klaim · Drifting Memories (48h movie challenge)

More examples from real projects on SoundCloud