Klaim - Music Composer & Producer

Head-Banging SynthWave

CyberPunk Ambience

Tavern Song

I will compose and produce music for your game!

I'm A. Joël Lamotte, also known online as "Klaim". I'm a music composer, focused mainly on music for games (dynamic or not).

Last Update: 2019-07-01

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Dark Mega City Vibes

Majestic Ocean Ambiance

Epic Battle

A Counch, A Coffee and A Cat

(this is an improvisation)

There is a lot of different kinds of games and ambiance: I'm experienced in exploring a lot of different styles to match the challenge.

I have a strong background in programming (games and in general) that allows me to easily work with games codebases for audio integration and dynamic composition.

I also compose songs for the bands I'm in and for videos background music.

Don't hesitate to ask for my rates, I am affordable for small projects too!

All the music you will find here was composed and produced by myself.
You are not allowed to use any of my music in your project without my authorization.

I am also open to:

Haunted Graveyard

Epic Death

Becoming Friends

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Pop Rock Song

More examples from real projects on SoundCloud